In 4.0, DBFlow has greatly improved its internals and flexibility in this release. We have removed the Model restriction, rewritten the annotation processor completely in Kotlin, and more awesome improvements.

Major Changes In this release

  1. PrimaryKey can have TypeConverters, be table-based objects, and all kinds of objects. No real restrictions.

  2. ForeignKey have been revamped to allow stubbedRelationship. This replaces ForeignKeyContainer.

  3. Model interface now includes load() to enabled reloading very easily when fields change.

  4. All ModelContainer implementation + support has been removed. A few reasons pushed the removal, including implementation. Since removing support, the annotation processor is cleaner, easier to maintain, and more streamlined. Also the support for it was not up to par, and by removing it, we can focus on improving the quality of the other features.

  5. The annotation processor has been rewritten in Kotlin! By doing so, we reduced the code by ~13%.

  6. Removed the Model restriction on tables. If you leave out extending BaseModel, you must interact with the ModelAdapter.

  7. We generate much less less code than 3.0. Combined the _Table + _Adapter into the singular _Table class, which contains both Property + all of the regular ModelAdapter methods. To ease the transition to 4.0, it is named _Table but extends ModelAdapter. So most use cases / interactions will not break.

  8. Condition are now Operator, this includes SQLCondition -> SQLOperator, ConditionGroup -> OperatorGroup. Operator are now typed and safer to use. 1. Operator now also have div, times, rem, plus and minus methods.

  9. Property class changes: 1. All primitive Property classes have been removed. We already boxed the values internally anyways so removing them cut down on method count and maintenance. 2. BaseProperty no longer needs to exist, so all of it's methods now exist in Property 3. mod method is now rem (remainder) method to match Kotlin 1.1's changes. 4. dividedBy is now div to match Kotlin operators. 5. multipliedBy is now times to match Kotlin operators.

  10. Rewrote all Unit tests to be more concise, better tested, and cleaner.

  11. A lot of bug fixes

  12. Kotlin: 1. Added more Kotlin extensions. 2. Most importantly you don't need to use BaseModel/Model at all anymore if you so choose. There are Model-like extension methods that supply the Model methods. 3. Updated to version 1.1.1

  13. RXJava1 and RXJava2 support! Can now write queries that return Observable and more.

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