List Queries

Converting a whole list at one chunk can be memory intensive. This lazily creates models from a Cursor for you and you can operate on it s if it's a list. It a acts like a list can be used in a for-loop:

(select from MyTable::class
    where ...) // some conditions
    .flowQueryList(database).use { list ->
          // list is just backed by an active cursor.

(select from MyTable::class
    where ...) // some conditions
    .cursorList().use { list ->
     // ensure you close these when done, as they utilize active cursors :)
     // can use the list like a regular List
     for (model in list) {


     list.forEach { printLn("$it") }

Note: It's preferred within a RecyclerView to use the QueryDataSource with the Paging library, as this use can potentially lock the UI thread during heavy db usage.

Note: Ensure you close the FlowQueryList when you are done using.


The FlowCursorList is simply a wrapper around a standard Cursor, giving it the ability to cache Model, load items at specific position with conversion, and refresh its contents easily.

The FlowCursorList provides these methods:

  1. list[index] - loads item from Cursor at specified position

  2. refresh() - re-queries the underlying Cursor. Use a OnCursorRefreshListener to get callbacks when this occurs.

  3. list.all - converts it to a List of all items from the Cursor, no caching used.

  4. list.count - returns count of Cursor or 0 if Cursor is null

  5. list.isEmpty - returns if count == 0

Flow Query List

This class is a much more powerful version of the FlowCursorList. This class acts as List and can be used almost wherever a List is used.

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